Cut the human interface out of medicine

The Need

The future of medical science will use DNA to better understand diseases, determine treatment, and provide personalized wellness and medicine. Our DNA Micro-Sequencer offers an Ultra-Fast and Affordable solution for whole genome sequencing Our DNA Micro-Sequencer will bring a more effective and efficient treatment to your personal doctor, your local pharmacy and many more

The Opportunity

  • The current estimated spend on DNA sequencing is over $5 billion and projected to grow over $14 by 2022.
  • Genome sequencing hasn’t been introduced yet to commercial application business (CSIs, Prenatal, Life insurance etc.)
  • Ultra-Fast Sequencing (Hours vs. Days)
  • Cost Effective (~$100 vs. >$1,500)

Our Solution

With its proprietary DNA Micro-Sequencer, DNA Matrix provides a unique technological solution (i.e. MEMS) which enables an ultra-fast and affordable whole genome sequencing. Compared with conventional approaches (such as solid-state CMOS) that need to cope with non-mature technology that requires bridging between bio and CMOS domains, MEMS technology simplifies the miniaturization and arraying process of the device, thus enabling our technological and business goals.

The Market

With billions of dollars spent each year on genome sequencing for research and other purposes, there still are no efficient technologies that can provide accurate genome sequencing in a matter of hours at an affordable cost. By reducing the cost to $100 or under of an accurate whole genome sequencing the current prediction of the business application can multiple by numerous folds.

Our Goals

Reach a 10% Market penetration by 2022 and thereafter become the Gold Standard of commercial genome sequencing.

MEET OUR Research Team

Gil Atzmon, PhD

Genetics and Genomic Tools Expert, Einstein Institute

Igal Chertkov MS

Nano-technology and MEMS expert (holds 10 patents)

Temuri Budagov

MS: Inventor and computer expert


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